Our Dedicated Staff

Kelly Belville

CIS Coordinator

Dan Cobb


Tiffany Gaghich

Parent Child Center Coordinator

Caitlin Harrington

Youth Development Coordinator

Morgan Hewitt

ECE One's Teacher

Jackolyn Houghton

Teen & Youth Teacher

Lauren Hurst

Family Supportive Housing

Christine Lacroix-Coulter

CIS Child Care Coordinator

Sarah Livingstone

Grants and Communication Specialist

Danielle Longtin

Infant's Teacher

Denise Main

Executive Director

Richard Morse

Housing Coordinator

Coral O’Connell

CIS Family Support Worker

Ashley Paquin

Childcare Subsidy

Tiffany Racicot

Parent Educator

Erin Reed

CIS Support Worker

McKaleigh Reynolds

ECE Cook/Floater

Katherine Rose

ECE Two's Teacher

Carli Scribner

Family Advocate

Anne Simonds

ECE Director

Michelle Snow

Infant's Teacher

Cyndi Thomayer

Fiscal Manager

Michelle Weyers

Family Advocate

Sarah Wood

ECE Floater

Bridgette Worthington

Administrative Assistant

Susannah Wright

Child Care Referral & Parent Involvement Specialist

Rita Yarnal

One's Teacher

Lori Yunger

FAP Coordinator


We connect families with community resources, provide educational experiences and build relationships that promote independence and resilience.


All families in Bennington County have the strengths and resources to share in our community life.


All families have unique strengths. Families and providers learn together as partners. Parents are the primary decision-makers for their families. Hope makes change possible.

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