An Important Message from our Directors and Staff

Sunrise Family Resource Center, Bennington County's Parent Child Center, stands in solidarity with our community in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement. While this is not a new issue, it is one that is finally ripe for change. For generations, these perceptions, attitudes and [mis]understandings have perpetuated themselves. These [mis]beliefs have left traumatized individuals and children in its' wake. It's time for change: for increased acceptance and deeper understanding of each other, for self-examination of our thoughts and beliefs, for kindness and support of each other. We must do more to ensure that inclusion, acceptance and understanding becomes the prevailing standard.

Recent tragic events within our communities nation-wide have served to highlight the systemic and disparaging racial injustice that exists across our country today. The pandemic has brought to light so many inequities: poverty, hunger, inadequate pay for those now considered “essential workers” and lack of affordable health care, just to name a few.

Sunrise Family Resource Center has always been and will continue to be a resource for all families. We will continue to strive for a balance of understanding and support-without prejudice or judgement. We will continue to assess our perceptions and practices to ensure we are meeting the needs of ALL families in our community. We are committed to embracing and celebrating diversity. We are committed to being good community citizens.

Collectively we can become a catalyst of change. Please join us in our effort.

Sunrise Family Resource Center and it's board of Directors

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